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I am a motivated digital media strategist who brings refreshing ideas into content creation and audience engagement techniques. I am performance-driven with insightful critical thinking and analytical skills. I am confident in planning and executing multi-platform campaigns to drive brand success.

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Public Relations

I have great interest in consumer/organization relationships. I am fascinated by the concert of consumer emotion regarding brands and look forward to understanding how to cultivate that connection.

Social Media

I realize the importance of keeping up with new social media functions in terms of content creation. I modernized Benco Dental's social media strategy and am committed to keeping up with trends to ensure my input will land with clients.


I am passionate about the complexities of advertising. During my internship with Stein IAS, I was exposed to most aspects of their advertising strategy while working in the insights department. I will return to Stein IAS this winter to continue my growth and development.



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